Home Improvements that could really pay off.


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Our Marketing Specialist, Amanda Pierce, chats with Keith Chech from WFPS 92.1 FM about this list of home improvements and how a home equity line of credit might help you achieve your home improvement goals. 

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There are many reasons why people buy a home. Pride of ownership might be at the top of that list. You’ve been dying to paint that neon green accent wall and put up a picture collage you saw on Pinterest - which requires approximately 75 nails. Once your home is truly yours, you can unleash that creativity!

For some of us, the justification to take the leap to home-ownership is the fact that it is a good investment. In which case, home improvements might be apart of your plans.


If you are thinking about making improvements, here are some home updates that, according to HGTV, pay off.

 #1 Minor Bathroom Remodel
Average return at resale: 102%
#2 Landscaping
Average return at resale: 100%
#3 Minor Kitchen Remodel
Average return at resale: 98.5%
#4 - Exterior Improvements (Vinyl Siding, Paint, Updated Front Entry)
Average return at resale: 95.5%
#5 Attic Bedroom Conversion
Average return at resale: 93.5%
#6 Major Bathroom Remodel
Average return at resale: 93.2%
#7 Major Kitchen Remodel
Average return at resale: 91%
#8 Deck, Patio or Porch Addition
Average return at resale: 90.3%
#9 Basement Remodel
Average return at resale: 90.1%
#10 Replacement Windows
Average return at resale: 89.6%
#11 Family Room Addition
Average return at resale: 83%
#12 Bonus Room Updates
Average return at resale: 72.8%
#13 Living Room Updates – Décor
Average return at resale: 66%
#14 Bedroom Updates
Average return at resale: 52%
#15 Living Room Updates - Walls and Floors
Average return at resale: 40%

If you get a chance to read this HGTV article, it further explains how they calculate these numbers, and that there are different variables - including local markets. 

Although these improvements can pay off, they still come with some initial expenses. Borrowing against your home’s available equity to pay for home improvement expenses might be a right fit for you.

First, let’s explain what a home equity line of credit (HELOC) is. HELOC is usually taken out in addition to your existing first mortgage. It is considered a subordinate mortgage and will have its own term and repayment schedule separate from other mortgages you may have. An HELOC will let you advance from your available line of credit as needed during your loan term.

Interested? Here's how it works:

You fill out an application - which you can do in person or online. Once you are approved, you receive preprinted checks to use where and how you want. The check directly advances on the loan.  You only pay interest on funds advances. Funds not used in the line of credit are not subject to interest. 

This is a good tool for when you know exactly what the project is going to cost, but it’s an amazing tool for when the project turns out to be more of a project than you expected.

Unexpected expenses can happen, and having financing readily available during those moments, or simply having the flexibility to move at your own pace, is incredibly helpful.

If you think that a home equity line of credit is a right fit for you, call or stop in and chat with one of our mortgage experts. Together you can work to find the right solutions for your unique needs.

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