March 2024

Our Fam

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Happy Work-A-Versary Kris, Brett, Amber, Ashley, Logan, and Aidan!


Milestone Anniversary's

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Amber Heller is celebrating 1 year on 3/6! Congratulations, Amber!

Greater Freeport Partnership - Annual Dinner 2024

GFP Annual Dinner

The Greater Freeport Partnership hosted their annual dinner highlighting the economic development efforts to keep Freeport and Stephenson County thriving! Dinner, networking, and a presentation. We had a great time at the Greater Freeport Partnership Annual Dinner!

Real Estate Essentials - HomeQuest Seminar

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HomeQuest Seminars are home sale/purchase educational classes that are provided at the Winnebago Public Library on the last Saturday of each month. The goal they have is to provide resources and information and give people a chance to be able to ask questions while there. Dave Hillis from Hillis Home Inspection and our very own Rebecca Swick brought their professional expertise to the class last month and helped make the HomeQuest Seminar so much fun!

Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce - Chili Cookoff

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Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a Chili Cookoff! Fierce competitors brought their best chili and refreshing drinks to the table. What a great event! Exciting to see so many businesses participate, and community members attend! Lots of fun (and chili eating) was had by all!

Solutions Bank Scholarship

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Do you know a high school senior heading to college in the fall? We will be giving out several $1000 scholarships! You can find the application on our website at:

Keep Your Money Safe

“Free Trials”

There are several trustworthy companies that use free trials as part of their business to promote their brand legitimately. It is an effective way to get customers to try their products and promote their services. After all, who wouldn’t want to try something for free with no strings attached? Unfortunately, not all “free trials” are actually free. Scammers and fraudsters use free trials to lure victims who really think they have nothing to lose. Here are a few common forms of free trial scams:

  • Hidden or hard to find terms and conditions
  • Key information buried in the fine print
  • Hidden fees
  • Auto enroll schemes without consent
  • Fake “pay shipping and handling only” offers

How to avoid these “free trial” traps?

  • Make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate company
  • Research the free trial first, do a quick Google search
  • Look for reviews
  • Avoid “free trials’’ with no clear information
  • Uncheck pre-checked boxes in the sign-up form
  • Be skeptical: remember the saying “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.”

Upcoming Holiday Closures

Friday, March 29, 2024: Close at noon - Good Friday

As always, 24/7 banking is available anytime, anywhere through our mobile app, online banking, and ATM’s.

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