Secure Rewards Checking

Reasons you should use Solutions Bank Secure Rewards checking and debit card this holiday season.
  1. Serious deals & Big-time benefits. Score your best deal by showing retailers mobile or printed coupons during checkout.

    There are thousands of online deals with name-brand retailers, savings on hotels and car rentals, health savings, and more money-saving benefits with your Solutions Bank Secure Rewards Checking account.

    With the holidays right around the corner, other benefits like cell phone protection, buyer’s protection and extended warranty on purchases, and ATM Fee Reimbursements might come in handy. If you're traveling this holiday season, you might also appreciate Roadside Assistance. Learn more.

  2. It’s safe. Our debit cards have the EMV chip and contactless pay technology. Both offer much greater protection against fraud than the traditional magnetic stripe.

    Another way to identify fraudulent purchases is to use our Card Control feature within your Solutions Bank mobile app. To add your debit card, open your app and hit "Cards." This free feature allows you to set alerts, set up spending controls, see spending insights, and more. You also have the option to turn your debit card on and off instantly! Learn more. 

  3. It's convenient and easier than carrying a wad of cash you could lose. It easily fits in your pocket or wallet. Add your card to Apple Pay® or Google Pay™ and you don't even have to get your card out!

    Did you know you can easily add your debit card to  Apple Pay® or Google Pay™  inside your Solutions Bank mobile app? Open your app up and hit "Cards" to get started!  Learn more. 

  4. You can control spending and save a little at the same time.  It can be tempting to purchase anything you want with a credit card - even when you don't have the funds. For those that tend to overspend occasionally, switching to a debit card can help reduce the stress that comes with the shock of a credit card bill... 

    Plus, with Save the Change, you can save while you are spending! Whenever you use your Solutions Bank debit card, the amount you spend will be rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the difference will be transferred to your Solutions Bank savings account.
    Learn more.


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